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When we were looking for a new production/office space we found this amazing building in Newport that was originally the Common Sense gum factory. The term 'Bubblegum Factory', we've found, is one of the most fun things we get to say every day. What's very cool about this old building is that during WWI it was run by all women, who were making this amazing gum for soldiers who had WWB, world's worst breath. Just kidding, though we can't imagine there is great oral hygiene on the front lines. Anyway, we thought it was pretty awesome to continue the tradition of an all-women company in the same walls. We don't make our girls wear hats and uniforms, but we do require sensible shoes. Oh, and probably the single most amazing tag line we've ever heard is an old ad from this Common Sense... Long and Lasting Deliciousness.   Dude.

Check out this cool building and have a tour- COMING SOON!